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Recruitment Agencies in Christchurch

Job searching is tiring if you're new to the city with no contact points. One quick way to get a job is to register with a recruitment agency which will put some effort for you. Some good ones in my list are,
Ryan Recruitment Website -
Address - Ryan Recruitment Blenheim Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch

Hudson Recruitment Agency Link -
Address - Hudson Recruitment Agency Christchurch, 43 Princess St, Addington, Christchurch 8011

Hays - Recruitment Agency Link -
Address - Hays - Recruitment Agency Christchurch, 131 Victoria St, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8013

Onestaff Link -
Address - Level 1/73 Manchester St, Central, Christchurch 8011

Sourced Link -
Address - 222 St Asaph St, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011

Greenlight Recruitment Link -

Setting up Jupyter Lab integrated with Python, Julia, R on Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu)

Every guy gotta favorite OS. But, due to some constraints, all can't use that all the time. Being a Linux user, I had to shift to Windows 10 because of the barrier by MS Office and Dual booting often doesn't work. A few weeks before I learned about Windows Subsystem for Linux and my experience was great. If you are Linux pro stuck in Windows, this could be a relief. Basically, you can run a well designed minimal version of Ubuntu inside Windows 10.

In this article, we will get familiar with,
Activation of Windows Subsystem for Linux.Installation of Ubuntu (no GUI) using Microsoft App Store.Configuring Python3, Pip3 and Jupyter Lab.Installation of R in Ubuntu and integration of R with Jupyter Lab.Installation of Julia in Ubuntu along with Jupyter Lab integration.Accessing Windows files with Ubuntu. Installation of Windows Subsystem for Linux Windows don't ship with WSL by default, we need to install it via PowerShell.  Reference -…

Automate Blog Post creation using Blogger APIs and Python

This article will discuss the following topics,

Blogger's REST APIs.Google's OAuth 2.0 playground.Accessing spreadsheet in Python.Creating blogger posts via Python.An experiment to automate blog post creation when you have structured data. I was searching for IFSC codes for some bank transactions and came across Reserve Bank's website, which has a list of excel files containing Bank Codes, Contact Info and related details of each bank's branch. This time I will be looking towards Bharat co-operative bank of Mumbai. Here is how the corresponding data looks like.
In the above picture, each row represents lots of details about each branch of the Bank. Let's think of creating a list of blog posts where each post gives IFSC codes of a particular branch along with address and contact details.

As the first step, I have created a blog in blogger. In the Blogger dashboard, Please also note the parameter called blog ID which is a kind of unique identifier to the blog. It is …

How to configure Static IP for Raspberry Pi 3

A raspberry pi is often accessed via SSH or VNC viewer. Attaching the set of Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse to Raspberry Pi is not always recommended.

For accessing Raspberry Pi from a remote device we need to provide the following,
1. Username - Pi (by default)
2. Hostname or IP
3. Password configured for the user 'Pi'
4. Enabling SSH,VNC ports in Pi configuration

If multiple devices are plugged into your network, there is a high probability for IP shifts. To avoid this it is often suggested to get a static IP for Raspberry Pi.

Please follow following steps for enabling a static IP to your Raspberry Pi.

1. Login to the Raspberry Pi via SSH,
From router's admin page( you will get the IPs of connected devices.
Connect to the Raspberry Pi via SSH. For Example, My Pi's IP was
2. Modify /etc/dhcpcd.conf and add your desired IP, In my case, static IP I was preferring is Add the following lines to the dhcpcd.conf file. interface eth0 static i…

How to root, flash twrp, unlock bootloader and install custom ROM via Linux

People often find difficulties in downloading and installing usb driver for their phone on Windows operating system. But if you are using Linux operating system then things are much simpler for you. This is a generic flow of customizing your android device.

Advantages of using Ubuntu or any Linux distribution for rooting are,
You don't need usb driver specific to your phone. Linux generic driver supports all android devices.​ADB and fastboot are readily available in Ubuntu's inventory. You could simply install those. Follow below steps for rooting or install custom ROM,
Intsall ADB and fastboot in Linux Open a Terminal and install tools from your Linux repo, For Debian/Ubuntu users,
sudo apt install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot 
For Fedora/SUSE users,
sudo yum install android-tools Download TWRP image and SuperSu zip TWRP - This opensource project allows us to install custom ROMs safely.
Installing TWRP will enable option to root your device.
Download latest TWRP …

Cost Function

Cost Function :- A cost function is plotted based on the following equation,


Gradient Descent

If you are familiar with maths, you might know that minimum or maximum value of a function is got by equating its derivative to zero. In other words, the value obtained when the slope(m) is zero considered as the min or max of that line(function).

Gradient descent is one approach to find the minimum value of cost function. The algorithm goes through the θ values step by step, in direction of negative slopes and stops at slope zero.
The above image from hackernoon explains this concept well. (Please note, the parameter representation here is w not θ).
Gradient descent algorithm is given by,