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Best Mobile Phone Holders for Cars

Mobile phone holders are in market for a long time and is must have for car owners. Different kinds of mobile holders are available now and I'm going to list some popular ones. Basically, these goods are manufactured in large scale by Chinese companies and people in your place does the drop shipping. In the post I will go through the most popular mobile holders available in world market and how to buy those at cheapest price. is sister website of which focuses on online retail market. My aim is to pick the best mobile holders based on the number of orders, reviews and popularity.

The best picks available,
1. Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holder Stand
The product has permanent magnet inside the stand, and a small metal plate is pasted on the back of your mobile phone. So basically sticking two magnets does the job.
Product Links -,,
  • Easy attachment and detachment.
  • 360 deg rotation.
  • Multiple position options.
  • Universal type - can be used to all devices.
Price - $1.72 to $3.28
Orders - 69220
Reviews - 19530
User rating - 4.8
Shipping cost - Free

2. Magnetic Car Phone Holder with Air Vent Placement
air vent magnetic type holderAir vent mobile holdermobile holder air vent base
This is similar to one we discussed above differs only on the type of stand. The base is designed for your car's air vent.
Product Links -,,
  • Easy attachment and detachment.
  • Universal compatibility. 
  • Simple and reusable base.
  • 360 deg rotation.
Price - $1.65 - $3.88
Orders - 33536
Reviews - 13711
User rating - 4.9
Shipping cost - Free

3. Gravity type Elastic Mobile Holder
Auto adjusting mobile holderupgraded gravity mobile car holderSafe car mobile holder
A new comer to the popular gravity type mobile holders. This one could auto adjust phones effortlessly.
Product Links -,,
  • More stability.
  • Universal compatibility. 
  • Silicon pad for better grip.
  • Auto adjustment.
Price - $1.38 - $2.99
Orders - 14303
Reviews - 2648
User rating - 4.6
Shipping cost - Free

4. Non-magnetic Gravity type Phone Holder
air vent mobile holder gravity type vs magnetic type mobile holder Gravity type mobile holder
This product is non-magnetic type and holds mobile phone with its own weight. The base is compatible with AC vents. Also available with suction bases.
Product Links -,,
  • Auto lock and release.
  • No signal loss. 
  • Non-slip silicon cushion.
  • Universal type.
Price - $1.87 - $2.78
Orders - 47274
Reviews - 2648
User rating - 4.7
Shipping cost - Free

Did I missed your favorite product?. Please let me know in the comments.


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