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Height of New Zealand Actors and Actresses

Height of Kiwi Actors

Height of KJ Apa 180 cms
Height of Tim Balme 175 cms
Height of Manu Bennett 180 cms
Height of Ken Blackburn 178 cms
Height of Dwayne Cameron 178 cms
Height of Shane Cortese 185 cms
Height of Russell Crowe 182 cms
Height of Marton Csokas 187 cms
Height of Cliff Curtis 184 cms
Height of Alan Dale 186 cms
Height of Rhys Darby 177 cms
Height of Tammy Davis 178 cms
Height of David Fane 183 cms
Height of Daniel Gillies 180 cms
Height of Mark Hadlow 167 cms
Height of George Henare 181 cms
Height of Martin Henderson 178 cms
Height of Bruce Hopkins 182 cms
Height of Michael Hurst 168 cms
Height of Wi Kuki Kaa 175 cms
Height of Nathaniel Lees 185 cms
Height of Temuera Morrison 171 cms
Height of Marshall Napier 186 cms
Height of Sam Neill 182 cms
Height of Dean O'Gorman 173 cms
Height of Rawiri Paratene 180 cms
Height of Craig Parker 180 cms
Height of Simon Prast 213 cms
Height of Chris Rankin 175 cms
Height of Caleb Ross 164 cms
Height of Jay Ryan 185 cms
Height of Brian Sergent 173 cms
Height of Emmett Skilton 191 cms
Height of Kevin Smith 189 cms
Height of Ewen Solon 171 cms
Height of Antony Starr 180 cms
Height of Matthew Sunderland 183 cms
Height of Selwyn Toogood 189 cms
Height of John Tui 183 cms
Height of Jared Turner 175 cms
Height of Karl Urban 185 cms
Height of Taika Waititi 184 cms
Height of Matt Whelan 194 cms

Height of Kiwi Actresses

Height of Courtney Abbot 162 cms
Height of Michelle Ang 160 cms
Height of Kylie Bax 178 cms
Height of Zoƫ Bell 173 cms
Height of Keisha Castle-Hughes 157 cms
Height of Lisa Chappell 177 cms
Height of Danielle Cormack 168 cms
Height of Kerry Fox 172 cms
Height of Rebecca Gibney 173 cms
Height of Miranda Harcourt 165 cms
Height of Rachel House 170 cms
Height of Rachel Hunter 180 cms
Height of Anna Hutchison 166 cms
Height of Simone Kessell 173 cms
Height of Lucy Lawless 177 cms
Height of Melanie Lynskey 170 cms
Height of Robyn Malcolm 162 cms
Height of Rose McIver 162 cms
Height of Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie 165 cms
Height of Rena Owen 166 cms
Height of Stefania LaVie Owen 160 cms
Height of Anna Paquin 165 cms
Height of Nyree Dawn Porter 166 cms
Height of Antonia Prebble 172 cms
Height of Greer Robson 158 cms
Height of Madeleine Sami 165 cms
Height of Dulcie Smart 172 cms
Height of Miriama Smith 170 cms
Height of Brooke Williams 160 cms
Height of Katie Wolfe 157 cms
Height of Rima Te Wiata 173 cms

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